I’m a young idealist. Well, these days not so young and much more of a realist… nonetheless I’m still that young idealist I was when I was a 10. I’m still that kid who tried to build a weapon to help America in the Gulf War, and tried to learn hacking so I could bring down the real-world Gibson from that movie Hackers.

I’m just a bigger kid now, working on real solutions to real problems. I’ve a wide-eyed obsession with humanity’s big struggles and a fool’s belief in my power to do something about them. I’m also more humbled than ever by the great Unknown that lives between ideas and reality.

My name’s Augustin Bralley. I started a company in my head long ago. From that day in 2006 when I had a vision while napping at my parents’ house to today… I’ve been piling ideas on action on more ideas… churning the cycle of manifestation. Last year the idea became a startup, called Gratzi, and soon (next year) an app called Pegg.

This journal is about documenting the process of manifesting, the cycle of dreaming and doing, that I’ve been fortunate to find myself in. More importantly, perhaps, this is about telling a good story — a magic story that not just finds an audience but a cast of characters.

Hello world.